What Are the Exercises for Total Gym?

Sep 13, 2019


What Are the Exercises for Total Gym?

If you want a full-body workout, you should consider exercises for Total Gym. By using your body weight, you can have a full upper body and lower body workout. These exercises also include core exercises that can be performed at different intensities. Here are a few exercises for Total Gym:

1. Squat. This particular exercise targets your calves, quadriceps, hamstrings and most of your core muscles. To do this, you need to lie on a bench. Position your feet a shoulder-width apart and then start to lower your upper body downward, bending your legs accordingly. Drive through your heels and then resume your starting position. Repeat as desired.

2. Torso Twist. It is best to do this while kneeling down because this will involve your oblique muscles and possibly all of your core muscles. Start the routine by kneeling down on the glide board. Grab a handlebar with both your hands and then start to contract your abs by pulling the handlebar in order to allow the glide to move upward. Make sure that you keep your back flat while you go through this routine. Resume the starting position and repeat this routine as you desired. You can perform this exercise for both sides.

3. Back Row. This exercise will help you build your upper back muscles, shoulders and biceps. To do this exercise, you need to first sit or kneel on the equipment’s glide board. You have to make sure that you are facing the pulley system. Grab the handlebars with each hand and then lie flat on your back. Start to draw your shoulders back until you have your arms bent. Hold the position while you continue to contract your upper back. Return to starting position. Repeat the exercise as desired.

4. Chest Fly. This particular exercise targets your shoulders, triceps and pectorals. To do this, you first have to lie flat on the glide board and then grab a handlebar in each of your hands. Make sure that your elbows are slightly bent as you bring the handlebars toward each other. Hold the position as you contract your chest muscles and then return to the original position. Repeat the exercise as you desire.

These are just some of the best exercises for Total Gym. There are other exercises that you can do. These routines will help you make the most out of the Total Gym while you try to build a stronger body comp gym.

Source by Mark O Johnson