Top Reasons Why Fruits and Vegetables are Expensive in the US

Apr 2, 2021


Top Reasons Why Fruits and Vegetables are Expensive in the US

Top Reasons Why Fruits and Vegetables are Expensive in the US

How many times have you stood by the produce stand In a farmers market and wondered why the fruits and vegetables are so expensive? Any US citizen will tell you that running the numbers before a grocery visit is one of the most challenging aspects of budgeting your monthly expenditure. Families found it difficult to put food on the tables let alone healthy food. One of the main reasons why most Americans choose less healthy options during meals is the cost.

Top Reasons Why Fruits and Vegetables are Expensive in the US

Processed and fast food tend to be less expensive but high in calorie count meaning fresh food is out of the option. Finding quality organic products can also sometimes be difficult. However, you can check out US organic food companies’ online reviews at for insight on the best food and drink companies with the best organic produce. With this in mind, let us take a look at some of the reasons why vegetables and fruits (organic food) are expensive in the United States.

Supply and Demand

Supply and demand refer to the relationship between the quantity of a commodity that someone wished to sell at a certain price and the quantity that the consumers will wish to buy. This is significant in the price fluctuation of fruits and vegetables since if there is an increase in demand then there is a need for sufficient supply. Statistics have shown that the Organic Food sector in the United States has increased from $3.2 billion in 2008 to $5.5 billion in the industry in 2014. This only means that demand has been steadily growing over the years and consequently rising the need for sufficient supply and yield.

If the supply of fruits and vegetables is not sufficient, their price consequently rises since there’s not enough yield in the market to satisfy the needs of the consumers. Another cost comes in while Shipping and transporting the yields. Fast Shipping and transport of fruits and vegetables Are expensive since they require well-equipped shipping vehicles and they are transported over a long distance. California is one of the leading producers of fresh fruit and vegetables producing more than half of the Nation’s fresh fruits. This means that shipping vehicles have to travel all across the country from California to distribute fresh fruits and vegetables.

Growing Fruits and Vegetables

The four main growing areas where produce distributors source organic food to distribute throughout the whole of North America include Florida, Mexico. California and South America. The United States produces distribution depends on these rainy years and if any of the Fall or face adverse weather conditions yes go significantly Decline and cause hiking of prices. Take for example individuals on the west coast who depend on crop yields from Florida. If in any case, Florida experiences harsh weather conditions, leading to poor crop yield this will only lead to a shortage of fruits and vegetables causing a rise in costs.

Also, both organic and conventional farmers face significant expenses while growing fruits and vegetables. The East coast runs from laying down money for pesticides, intensive labor, water supply to machinery equipment. This shows you have vegetables and fruits growing alone and costs a lot of money to grow and supply.


It is fair to say that fruits and vegetables are a bit more expensive than other foods in the United States. The dependency on growing areas has also not been useful since the biggest Factor of getting too expensive vegetables and fruits is supply and demand.

The supply of fruits and vegetables is nowhere near enough to the large demand it faces, which can only mean that if the demand is higher the supply price to the consumer resultantly goes up. However, you can check these few tricks to keep the cost of your vegetables and fruits within your budget.

  • Buy frozen fruits and vegetables.

Frozen organic produces are affected by the fluctuating prices of fresh produce since they are produced several times throughout the year and maintain a steady price point.

  • Buy in season.

buying fruits or vegetables that are in season saves you money since the prices are most likely to be lower due to their surplus amount and in and in any chance if you would like to enjoy a promise that is out of season by them in bulk while it is in season and freeze them. There you go! Make sure you try out some of these tricks and save up money the next time you make your trip to the grocery store.

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