The Gym – Where To Start?

Oct 18, 2019


The Gym – Where To Start?


Gym selection

When picking a gym there are several factors you should consider.

1. Location – if the gym is miles away from your home/work then the chances are you will be less likely to visit if it involves a lot of effort to get there.

2. Facilities – does the gym have everything you want? Is there a selection of free weights, fixed weights, and cardio machines? Does the equipment look clean and well maintained?

3. Cost – look at the membership options available. Will you be tied to paying a lengthy subscription? Do you have to pay a cancellation fee if you decide the gym isn’t the right one for you? Do you have to pay more to visit during peak hours?

4. Clientele – are the gym users people like you? For example if you are trying to lose some weight and everyone in the gym looks like a fitness model that may demotivate you if you are not happy with your appearance.

Once you have selected a gym which you think meets your criteria ask for a trial session before committing to buying a membership.

Pick a goal

Once you have selected a gym then it is important to pick a realistic fitness goal. Do you want to gain 5kg of muscle in a year?…lose some excess pounds from your waist?….improve your strength?…improve your cardio-vascular performance?

It is important that you select a goal and stick to it! If you find going to the gym a chore you need something to motivate you to go. If you pick a realistic goal then there is far more motivation to go and sweat it out on the treadmill or bust your gut lifting some weights. If motivation is a problem then it can sometimes be helpful to get a gym buddy. If you often go to the gym with someone who has similar fitness goals, research has actually shown that you are more likely to make progress in the gym if you have a gym buddy. The “shaming effect” can also be a feature when you have a buddy. It is harder to cancel a proposed visit to the gym if you have arranged to meet someone there and secondly if there is a level of healthy competition then it can also act as a driving force.

Pick a programme

Once you have selected a goal then pick a programme. Remember the “6 Ps” – Proper Planning Prevents P*ss Poor Performance! If you have a structured programme that has been created with your specific goals in mind then you more likely to achieve success in your quest to lose fat, build muscle, get stronger etc compared to just turning up at the gym with no plan in mind. If you take a programme to the gym and keep a note of your weights/reps then you can track your progress over time. On we have created a great range of workout programmes which are guaranteed to help you achieve your fitness goals in the gym.


Source by Scott D B