The Easy Gym

Oct 31, 2019


The Easy Gym


When you have a membership to a gym, there are endless options for getting an awesome workout in. We all know many of these options, but do we all workout with a purpose when we go to the gym or do we just talk, workout easy, or sit in the steam room the whole time? I really want you to think about the answer to the following question. When you go to the gym, do you workout your mouth more than your body?

As I ask the question I laugh to myself, because a lot of people come to the gym and talk more than they actually workout. These people tend to sit on equipment and use it as a chair instead of using it as a piece of exercise equipment like it is suppose to be used for. As these people sit on the equipment, someone is waiting patiently to use that same piece of equipment so they can finish their workout to either get to work, get back to work, or get home. Weight equipment is meant to improve your fitness and health, not flatten your butt.

There are also people that talk a lot. If you are one of the chatty Kathy’s, I challenge you to challenge your fellow chatters to something new. This also goes for anyone who goes to the gym and is really not pushing themselves. You know who you are, you sit on a weight machine and select the weight. The weight is something you could do one-hundred reps with, but you do one set of 10 reps. Next time try more weight, weight that becomes challenging the last few reps, and maybe you do not even get the final rep. This same type of person you will find in the cardio room pedaling on a rehab bike, going slower than a turtle, and reading a book.

Here are a few tips to increase the intensity of your workouts. If you are lifting weights, you can try to shorten your rest period between sets, add jumping jacks between sets, do supersets, or do your last set of each exercise to failure. If you are doing cardio that day, why not try interval training. It can be running 30 second intervals or running up a hill and jogging back down only to turn around at the bottom and do it all over again!

Today I challenge you to do something new, something hard, and make results to improve your health and lifestyle.


Source by Robert J Martin