Nov 29, 2019


Guide to Finding Your Way Around Sports Betting

In Italy sports fans are many, and so are those who make sports betting sites, to the point that these two worlds have become inseparable. Large amounts of money are invested in the sector every day by so many people. More and more people are not interested in sports betting but have gradually begun to enter this practice. However, being a rich and complex sector, it is often possible to remain rather confused on how to move and the risk of losing large sums of money is always around the corner. Before starting to bet, an in-depth study is needed not only for the match you are interested in, but also for the betting world in general. One of the main questions for those entering this world often concerns clarifications on the terminology used. The most common issue is that of bookmakers and quotas. As for bookmakers, they are managers and providers of sports bets. They take care of following the progress of the bettors’ victories and defeats, analyzing in detail the sports market as well as the individual matches. The odds offered by the bookmakers themselves generate a lot of confusion. These are real mathematical calculations that allow you to understand the amount of the potential winnings of a bet. It is a simple-looking system and the calculation on which it is based takes into account the quota itself and the amount wagered. For example, if you bet € 10 on a team’s win, which bid is € 2.00, the payout will be € 20. Generally the odds are higher, the lower the chance of winning. Before making a bet, in addition to choosing the most advantageous bookmaker you need in terms of odds offered, you also need to analyze the sporting event itself and to do so you need study and lucidity. There are a myriad of factors to take into consideration ranging from the individual strength of the team, passing (in the case of football) to the field itself, to the fans, as well as to possible injuries and suspensions of more or less strong players. It is therefore necessary to know the background of the sporting event on which you are going to bet and obviously you also need a good dose of luck. In summary, before betting, an in-depth study must be carried out taking into consideration all the possible scenarios. Furthermore it is essential to rely on legal bookmakers authorized by the law: attention must be paid to fraud, especially in the case of online gaming.…

Nov 14, 2019


Home Fitness Gym – Work Out at Home and Stay Fit


Are you one of those people who tend to gain weight easily? If you are one of those people who have weight problems, consider investing some money into a home fitness gym. No, those diet pills are not the answer to your weight problems. Although some diet pills will help you shed off a few pounds, it will not really give you that trim and fit look for long. After you stop taking the diet pills, you will most likely gain whatever pounds you have shed off and more. To stay healthy and fit most of the time, you need to exercise daily. Having a fitness gym and a home fitness exercise program can greatly help you in that area.

Setting Up Your Home Fitness Gym

Setting up your own gym can be quite a challenge especially if you have limited space at home and you have limited budget. However, the good news is that with proper planning, you can get things organized at home in no time. For starters, take a closer look into your home. Take note of the amount of space that you can spare for your fitness gym. No, you do not have to devote an entire room for your home fitness gym. You can just set aside a small space in the living room or somewhere else in the house as for your home fitness gym equipment.

To save space, buy home fitness equipment that are easy to store. There are plenty of exercise equipment that can be folded and stowed inside closets when not in use. These portable exercise equipment are very handy especially if you have limited space at home. These easy to store home fitness gym equipment are also idea if you have kids at home. Kids are naturally curious and they have the tendency to try new things. If you kids see some new gym equipment around the house, they may be tempted to give these things a try on their own. Storing your fitness equipment inside the closet after use can reduce the likelihood of accidents involving children and gym equipment at home.

How Much Money Should You Invest In Your Home Fitness Gym?

There are really no clear cut rules as to how much money you should spend on your fitness gym equipment. Just remember to spend only what you can afford to. Set a budget, stick to that budget and things will be just fine.


Source by Jeff Glasser

Nov 13, 2019


Before You Join a Weight Loss and Fitness Gym, Check Out These 5 Extremely Important Things


Exercise is one of the two things that make for effective and permanent weight loss, the other being proper nutrition. A good place to get the necessary fitness training equipments you need is in a gym. A lot of people prefer going to the gym to exercising in their homes due a lot of obvious reasons. So how do you tell a good gym from a bad one? Here are 5 extremely important things you need to check before joining a fitness gym.

1. The General Interest of Your Gym

Does the gym ask for members' feedback? Does it respond to feedback and care genuinely about what you, as a member, thinks? If it doesn't, then your gym might be more interested in getting more new members than taking care of its existing members.

2. Equipments

The second thing you consider is the kind of equipments the gym has. Some gyms are stuffed with fixed cardio and resistance machines with only a small space for stretching and stability ball work. A good gym provides enough space with lots of free weights, cardio equipments, stability balls and only a small area for resistance machines.

3. Do They Have Qualified Staff?

Not every 'professional' is a professional. You should check the qualification of the staff that work in the gym you intend to join. These people will be responsible with making the time you spend in the gym worth your while and so you want to make sure they are 'actually' qualified and know what they are doing.

4. Do They Offer Customized Programs?

Everybody is not the same. Your weight loss goal is not the same as the next person's. You will need a program that is tailored to suit your body and your goals. Also, if you have a medical condition that will make some sorts of physical challenge a concern, handing you an "off the shelf" program that is given to everyone else is not going to do it. Moreover, if you are paying, you want to see real value for your hard earned money.

5. What About Other Health and Fitness Areas?

As you probably know by now, exercise is not all there is to weight loss. Does your gym offer other services as well? Do they really care about you? Do you get corrective programs, massage therapy sessions, nutrition advice, etc? these are the other things that matter. If your gym only gives you rigorous hours of workout, you may want to try somewhere else.

These are some of the things you check before joining a fitness gym. Of course, there are others but these will give you a starting point and a clue.

Finally, successful weight loss is about good nutrition, regular physical activity, and proper motivation. Generally, you need information.


Source by Samuel Pinn

Nov 12, 2019


Keys’ Fitness Home Gym – The Key to Good Health


Here is another leading name in the world of health and fitness exercise. With cutting edge top quality brands that any health and fitness buff would surely love to have right in their homes. The trademark may have had ups and downs in the industry but they have retained their quality brands which are tested in terms of their durability and sturdiness.

Keys Fitness products are sold across the US as well as around the world offering equipments ranging from home gyms, ellipticals, treadmills, plates and bars, dumbbells and many other tools including apparel and saunas.

Take for instance, some of its best products such as the KPS2050 which is innovatively designed and packed with multipurpose features that makes this home gym machine on top of the other equipments. Its distinctive press arm can be used to perform dips, conveniently folds down allowing you to supplement your exercise with dumbbell workouts. It has a better motion adjustment, ergonomic grip positions, and the design allows for a good body positioning thereby achieving maximum workout results. It comes with dual pivot arm uprights and adjustable pad for the lower workout needs. It is also inclusive with squat bar pads, revolving lat and straight bars, ankle and ab/tricep straps as well as two single grip handles. This is a total home gym where complete workout is packed fully in this machine and it even comes with a lifetime warranty, a lifetime warranty for everything in it.

The ST-IB International Olympic Bench is as good as the KPS 2050. It is constructed with 14 heavy duty gauge steel. It features oversized angle uprights 4″ wide requiring a 7′ Olympic Bar. The bench declines, flats and inclines. It includes arm and leg attachments with 6 oversized roller pads, an Olympic sleeve adaptor and a preacher curl with height adjustment.

Another best product is the ST-FID Bench inclusive with preacher curl attachment considered to be as one of the best Keys Fitness’ choices in home gym machine. Here is why: it has a full packed feature inclusive of 14 gauge steel, a decline, flat to military position with a preacher curl and comes with 8 adjustable positions, quality vinyl covered foam cushions and front and rear stabilizers. This is definitely a top of the line fitness product; a perfectly good choice for health enthusiasts.

Knowing that it is important to maintain good health, with the aid of regular workout, these Keys Fitness machines can be just the brand of you.


Source by Jamie Carter

Nov 11, 2019


The Home Gym – Muscle Toning Equipment


Many benefits of having a fitness room or a gym in one’s own home span from the economic to the plainly convenient. Having the ability to get a full body workout by simply going into another room in the house beats stepping outside and traveling to the public gym any day. A home gym gives you a 24-hour access to as much exercise as you would like. A home gym also eliminates the usual lines of people waiting to use any available exercise machine. It also allows you to use a particular piece of equipment without any time limits, thereby giving you unlimited access and use for yourself.

There is also the economic convenience of getting rid of the regular gym membership payments, especially considering that many people are too caught up in the busy daily life to have enough time to get a proper workout. For those people, the gym membership fees they continually pay for quickly become wasted money.

Although considerable investments must be made for a home gym, there is the fact that in the end, you can get as much workout as you would normally get in a public gym, right in the safety and convenience of your own home.

A more specific instance of benefit would be the privacy you will get for yourself, as you use your very own resistance exercise machines. With the right kind of management and commitment, you can achieve the kind of muscular workout that you would in a public gym, right in your own home. The procedures are the same, the equipment is the same; the only thing that changes is the fact that you don’t actually have to go to the gym to get the same results.

For a complete home-based muscle toning facility you would need the usual machines: leg weights, free weights, abdominal benches, a bench press machine, a rowing machine, hand weights, and other resistance training equipment,

Toning exercises come with the same considerations: work out specific parts of the body on specific days, for your body to get the chance to heal.

To tone the pectoral muscles, use the bench press. This machine can also benefit other muscle groups such as the triceps, deltoids, and other similar parts.

The abdominal bench is what you turn to for you to tone your core muscles, such as the upper and lower abdomen. It will also give your obliques a good workout, and combined with a well-toned abdomen, you will obtain a well-sculpted core that is highly noticeable in time.

For toned legs and calves, turn to the leg weights. It provides added resistance that can boost muscle strength, without the dangers of overworking your muscles. Using weights as light as 2 or 3 pounds, you will rest assured get very good results. Be reminded, however, that when using leg weights, a 5 -pound maximum must be observed for the sake of safety.

Leg weights are also proven useful for the development and toning of other muscles groups, such as those in the thighs and the buttocks, when used while doing aerobic exercise.

Forearm muscle groups benefit from the use of free weights and hand weights.

While you do have the convenience of getting a full toning workout at home, remember that the same effective use procedures still apply when it comes to your machines. If your objective is merely to tone your muscles, keep in mind that you only need light weights: doing so allows you to do more repetitions and more sets, compared to the greater weights used in strength training.

Remember to do each exercise slowly: you expend more energy from each muscle when you perform slowly, thereby keeping the specific muscles stressed and flexed while you are working out.

One very important thing to remember is to keep your form while exercising. Good posture contributes to a good workout, and it assures you of greater safety as well. Because you are using added weight in your exercise, bad posture can lead to muscle strain and injury – an ever-present, but avoidable hazard when training with weights.

Finally, just like what any personal trainer would tell you: exercise is not enough for successful muscle toning. Your workout must receive the right support from healthy eating habits and weight loss. Despite the fact that your toning exercises are precise and correct, your muscle conditions would be of no use unless you get rid of the excess fat covering them.


Source by Nathalie Fiset

Nov 10, 2019


The Common Features of a Modern Gym


A modern gym is a place that houses exercise equipment for the purpose of physical exercise. In addition to exercise equipment, which includes barbells and weights, a modern gym has many more facilities available for its members.

Most gyms have a main workout area. This area primarily consists of dumbbells and free weights as well as exercise machines. The area also typically includes mirrors so that people exercising can monitor and maintain the correct posture during their workout.

A cardio area or cardio theater is also quite common in modern gyms. This area includes many kinds of cardiovascular equipment such as rowing machines, elliptical trainers, stationary exercise bikes and treadmills. They also include a number of audio-visual displays in order to keep exercisers entertained during cario workout sessions.

The gym may also offer group exercise classes. These are typically conducted by qualified fitness instructors and include classes based on aerobics, cycling, high intensity training, boxing, yoga, pilates and muscle training. Gyms with swimming pools also offer aqua aerobics classes.

Personal training is typically available at most modern gyms. Personal trainers are helpful for training, fitness, nutrition and health consultation and advice. They can devise a customized fitness routine including a nutrition plan to help clients meet their goals. They can even help monitor and train with members. However, access to trainers usually involves an extra hourly fee.

Sports facilities are also available at some gyms. Swimming pools, boxing arenas as well as squash courts are sometimes available. In some cases, there are additional fees to use these areas.

Newer gyms generally include snack bars, health shops, restaurants, child-care facilities, cafes and member lounges. It is not out of the ordinary for them to have a steam shower, sauna or wellness areas. There are typically extra charges to use these extra facilities, though.

Since modern gyms offer so many facilities and amenities, the cost of a membership varies greatly between gyms. Costs can be altered through the purchase of higher-level memberships such as a Founders Club or Lifetime membership. These types of memberships have a higher up-front cost but a much lower monthly rate. These are likely to be beneficial to those who use the gym frequently and plan to hold their membership for years to come.


Source by Claire Jarrett

Nov 9, 2019


Home Gym Benefits


You know that old saying, “There’s no place like home.” It’s a cliché but for some people, there’s no place like it to get a good workout with the help of a home gym.

Let’s face it, some of us rather not go to the club and prefer to exercise at home. Maybe we don’t want to workout with strangers. We may feel uncomfortable taking a shower in a public place. Maybe we don’t want to leave our belongings unattended. Or we don’t want to drive or take public transportation to get to a gym.

When we workout from home, not only do we not have to worry about all of the above, we also don’t have to pay dues, public transportation fees, parking or gas.

With a home-gym set up in a spare room, we have control over our environment. Psychologically we feel more comfortable at our own homes and that could mean we can concentrate on having better workouts.

For those of us who are really busy, being at home may be the only time we will find for a workout. Having a home gym is practical when we don’t have spare time for anything but we know staying in shape is important.

Although you have a home gym, you can still join a club. You also don’t have to be a busy person to benefit from it either. Regardless of your situation, whether you have a home gym or not, exercise is necessary to stay in shape and for your health. A home gym will help you in more ways than one.

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Nov 8, 2019


The Bowflex PR1000 Home Gym – An Economical and Reliable New Home Gym


The recently released Bowflex PR1000 home gym is an economical piece of exercise equipment from a trusted company. Bowflex has been the leader in home gym equipment for many years and has offered the fitness minded public several different choices in home fitness equipment. With the PR1000 you get a machine that lets you do 30 different strength exercises.

Not as much as the new Bowflex PR3000 but plenty of choices for most people who want a good quality home gym without breaking the budget. You can find this home gym listed at a little over 500 dollars across the internet. The power rod resistance gives you the equivalent of up to 210 pounds of resistance. The variety of exercises you can perform on this machine range from aerobic rowing to bench presses to lat pulldowns.

You can get a full body workout with it. You can have the machine assembled for you but that cost quite a bit extra. You can save quite a bit of money by assembling it yourself with a bit of effort and patience. If you have not experienced working out with the power rods before it will probably feel a bit shaky to you until your muscles adjust to them. This is a great economical workout machine for most folks who want to build their strength and cardiovascular endurance.

The entire family should be able to enjoy it. On the other hand if you are a serious weightlifter or bodybuilder you might want to consider other models such as the PR3000 or even the top of the line Bowflex Revolution. But this home gym will meet the needs of most people very well.


Source by Chip Westley

Nov 7, 2019


Staying at Home For Exercise – Why Gym Memberships Are Unnecessary


Admittedly there is a certain mystique about the gym that we don’t see when staying at home for exercise. Through carefully designed brochures we read and see the results of diligent gym use. It is not that it is impossible; it is just that for most of us it doesn’t happen. For some it is a matter of carving out enough time for the trip to the gym, the work-out, shower and trip home. For others it is the sore muscles that prevent us from returning regularly. Finally, for all of us the cost can add up over the years making us question the need for it.

Whatever the reason for skipping the gym, there are some reasons to exercise at home. For these reasons gym memberships are unnecessary.

1. Try exercise bands, exercise balls and yoga. Gyms are about machines, cables and iron bricks. To walk into a gym and pick up an exercise band are perform a yoga routine seems like a waste yet these are powerful “get in shape” tools which we shouldn’t overlook. The key to many injuries is excessive weight which is likely to happen in the competitive atmosphere of a gym. However, we are less likely to injure ourselves with exercise bands as the required exertion is gradually increased and then decreased through out the movement. The same is true for the use of exercise balls.

2. Try a treadmill, a elliptical machine and a stationary bicycle. There will always be days in which the weather does not cooperate with our outdoor plans. In this case the use of a personal treadmill, elliptical machine or stationary bike is ideal. The cost is a one time occurrence as compared to the gym membership dues. Find a place in your house that you can dedicate to the idea of exercise. It is not a good idea to put it in your bedroom. Keep the bedroom as a place to calm down and sleep, not sweat!

3. Most go to the gym just to lose weight… eat correctly first. Analyze your diet and eliminate processed junk food and sweets. It is easier to lose weight through a diet change than to try an exercise off a Krispy Kreme donut every day. That’s a lot of running!

4. Try walking, running and biking for real. The outdoors can be inspirational and motivational whether it is city streets or cow pastures. Start with small goals of a mile or two and work on up to double that. See the results with just these calorie burning routines and you’ll forget about the gym.

5. Try a video workout. There are some fantastic video workout series which require very little workout equipment. The Beachbody or P90x workout series will have your muscles showing in very little time.

6. Just can’t come up with the time? Try to add some calorie burning changes you’re your office routine at work. Stand at desk for 15 minutes an hour. This works for some phone conversations that don’t require simultaneous computer access. Take the elevator to the floor or two below the floor you need to go to and walk a flight or stairs or two. You won’t sweat but will burn a few extra calories every time.

There are many reasons for staying at home for exercise and for these reasons we see that gym memberships are unnecessary. Try a few of these and get in shape without the hassle!


Source by Walt Miller

Nov 6, 2019


Choosing The Right Gym – 10 Tips


Whether you just moved to a new area or have recently decided to add exercise to your weekly routine, choosing the right gym can encourage you to head there more often, hence garnering you positive results.

If you have the time, it's a good idea to visit a few gyms before settling on one in order to see the different things offered and the setup of the gym itself.

That said, here are some more things you should keep in mind before you sign a contract.

Choosing the right gym tip # 1

Location & parking
Is the gym located in a place that you would really head to before or after work, or even on the weekends? Women tend not to attend a gym that requires more than a 12-minute drive, so make sure the gym is close enough to where you work or live.

As well, if you like a gym but it takes over 10 minutes to find a parking spot, what are the chances that you'll really be motivated to go day after day? Make sure they have adequate parking facilities.

Choosing the right gym tip # 2

Staff & members

Are the staff polite and helpful or do they look at you in a territorial way? It's important to feel welcome by the staff or you may not want to go there very often.

What about the members? Although you can't head there for a week straight to check them all out, you can get a feel for what the clientele is like (I suggest visiting the gyms at a time that you plan to head there and train).

Feel free to ask members how they like it, what they don't like about the gym and how long they've been members. They have nothing to gain by lying.

Choosing the right gym tip # 3


Although gyms can't be 100% germ free, the staff can make an effort to dust and clean the machines regularly. If you see vents filled with years of dust or unhygienic practices, you shouldn't join.

Are there towels and cleaning products available for members to clean up after themselves should they end up sweating on the machines?

Besides checking out the actual gym, take a look at the changing rooms. Are the showers clean? Are the sinks filled with hair and dirt? Are the toilets in working order and hygienic? Are empty lockers filled with dirty tissues and dried mud from women's shoes?

Choosing the right gym tip # 4


Besides training facilities, does the gym offer daycare services, juice bars and tanning beds? It's awesome when your gym becomes a one-stop shop for all your needs.

What about blow dryers, towels, shampoo, and soap? Does the gym offer these things or will you need to bring them yourself? I've been to gyms that offer everything from free apples to the locks for your lockers, but the membership costs were ludicrous.

Choosing the right gym tip # 5

Hours of operation

Not only do you want to know what time the gym opens and closes, you also want to go there at a time when you plan to workout. This will help you figure out if this is the gym for you.

For example, if you plan on doing a lot of cardio at 5:30 pm, and the gym is packed and all the machines are taken, it's best to know that before you sign up.

Choosing the right gym tip # 6

Weight training equipment

What weight do they offer? Do the weights ascend in 2.5-pound increments or 5-pound increments (if you're a beginner, 2.5 pound increments is better)? Do the weights look old and abused or are they well-maintained? Are there a lot of benches?

What about the weighted machines? Are any of them broken or are they all well-maintained? Are there directions on how to use machines posted or are you left to guess what each machine is for?

Choosing the right gym tip # 7

Cardio machines

Most gyms offer a host of cardio equipment, the most popular among them being:

o Elliptical machines

o Treadmills

o Upright and spinning bikes

o Stair climbers

o Rowing machines

Not only should you be checking if the cardio equipment is well-kept and in working order, you should also take mental note of how many machines there are. During peak hours, chances are that most, if not all, will be taken.

Do you have to sign in to reserve a machine or does it work on a first-come first-serve basis? Is there a maximum amount of time you can use a machine for?

As well, is there an aerobics room available for jumping rope and other cardio activities?

Choosing the right gym tip # 8

Aerobics …

Nov 5, 2019


Top 5 Reasons to Do Home Workouts Instead of Joining a Gym


There’s no mystery to my feelings on health clubs and gyms.

I haven’t used one for close to 10 years (except a hotel gym while traveling and that’s even rare given my feelings for bodyweight workouts).

I really, really don’t like them and luckily more parents are sharing my disdain for health clubs and giving home workouts a try instead.

But to illustrate why I think health clubs and gyms are worthless, especially when you can get better workouts done at home in a fraction of the time, I’ve come up with a little “Top 5” list for you.

Reason #1 Why Health Clubs Are Worthless: The sweat pools, unclean weights, bars, dumbbells, cardio machines, etc.

When was the last time you saw someone taking some sort of disinfectant to the handles of all the dumbbells?

How often do you see people leave a sweat pool on a bench after they’re done using it?

That’s just disgusting! At least from home it’s your filth that you’re touching, not someone else’s.

Reason #2 Gyms Suck And You Should Do Your Workouts From Home: People who stare.

These stares can be direct or indirect. I don’t know which is creepier, the person who doesn’t try to hide their staring or the person who uses the mirror to catch a glimpse of the hot lady doing squats in her tight short shorts.

This really weirded me out when I used to workout at health clubs and it’s the main reason I do all my workouts at home or from my private training studio.

Reason #3 Health Clubs Are Worthless: People who hog equipment or don’t put things away. This is a big pet peeve of mine anywhere, whether it’s at home or at the gym.

If you use something, put it back when you’re done. Put your weights away, strip the racks, replace benches, etc.

It’s a total lack of respect to everyone else when you’re that selfish turd doing those things.

Reason #4 Gyms Are Worthless and You Should Do Your Workouts From Home: Cardio bunnies. This one has a couple different viewpoints. On the one hand, you have the women who are addicted to cardio who look very nice. They’re the ones all the other women are striving to look like, even though these women are usually in their early 20’s and have no issues with weight to begin with.

The cardio queens I’m talking about though, are the ones who you will find day-after-day on the same piece of cardio equipment doing moderate intensity cardio for hours…and their bodies never change, and some of them even gain weight.

How could this be? How can so many women do so much cardio and not get results and even regress with their weight loss?

Moderate and low intensity cardio done for that long is a very inefficient way to lose weight. Your body gets used to the same type of workout and doesn’t burn as many calories anymore.

You can still do cardio at home, but stop with the long workouts because they don’t work as well as you’ve been lead to believe.

Better yet, stick with 10 minute workouts that use only dumbbells and your own bodyweight and you’ll get far better results than the cardio-addicted ladies at the gym.

Reason #5 You Should Stick To Home Dumbbell Workouts Rather Than The Health Club: They waste waaaay too much money. Initiation fees, monthly dues, and all sorts of “extra” fees just to use a building and their stuff. And the sad part is you don’t use 90% of the “stuff”.

Do yourself a favor, quit the gym, buy some dumbbells, resistance bands, a stability ball and a good bench and do your workouts from home.

You’ll be much happier, save lots of money and frustration plus you’ll have more time to spend doing the finer things in life.


Source by Ed Scow

Nov 4, 2019


How to Choose the Right Gym!


Choosing the perfect gym that is most conducive to you is no easy task. There are many factors that should be weighed when deciding. Besides being comfortable, you want a gym that is also functional and where you won't lose motivation. Whatever your reason for joining a gym, keep reading for some of the most important features to consider.


First, find a place that is in a convenient location. The gym should be easily accessible and close enough so you never have to question if you want to make the drive or not. An ideal spot for a gym is between your place of work and home or between school and where you live. That way you can get a quick workout on your way to or home from work or school.


Your gym shouldn't cost you an arm and a leg so you can get a good workout in. Try finding a gym that won't lock you in with a contract for more than a year. Also, decide what features are important to you and find a gym that can support your minimum needs. Gyms with less perks can be cheaper and check for discounts around New Years and when students go back to school.


Consider the clientele that uses the gym. Figure out your preference and who'd you like to workout next to, whether it be bodybuilders or an older crowd.

Privileges and Features

Lots of gyms offer certain privileges that could be the deciding factor. Maybe you travel a lot, and with a membership to a nation wide chain you can have access to a gym wherever you go. Or perhaps the gym offers tons of free perks like classes, tanning beds, and daycare.


I think it goes without saying, but make sure the gym is clean and taken care of well. When touring the gym, notice if members wipe down equipment or how often staff is cleaning.

Hours of Operation

Check to see if the gym's schedule will work with yours. A gym that is open 24 hours is great for those who need some flexibility with time. Also, ask the staff when peak periods occur so that you can skip the rush.


Find a gym that has the equipment that will cater to your type of workout. Whether you will be in the free weight area or doing cardio, make sure the equipment isn't old and falling apart. Check for how well it is maintained as well, as many machines break from wear and tear.

So in conclusion, take advantage of free trials that gyms offer and use these tips to find the right gym for YOU!


Source by Clint Sestak

Nov 3, 2019


Exercise and Fitness Outside the Gym


Most people would like to pursue a lifestyle of exercise and fitness but profess to have no time to go to the gym. They may have long work hours or are busy taking care of children and chores at home. Regardless of your situation, no matter how busy you are, your body still needs the benefits of exercise. You don't need to deprive yourself of a healthy life. You don't have to go to the gym – burn your calories at home or in the office!

First of all, use your legs. Do you need to pick up milk at the store? Walk if you can, instead of using your car. In the office or mall, take the stairs whenever you can instead of taking the elevators or escalators. Park half a mile from the office or mall entrance and walk. This will do wonders for your heart and will just melt the extra pounds away.

At home, avoid the couch. You were not born a potato and do not have to act like one. Do chores standing up. Don't sit or lie down unless you absolutely have to. Walk around the house, cleaning up and picking up after your children. Do lunges and stretches while doing the laundry. When you run out of chores, put some music on and dance. Better yet, dance with your kids to get them away from the television as well.

Make family time at home an active one. Make it a time for exercise and fitness. Instead of staying inside playing computer games or watching DVDs, why not go to the yard and throw around a Frisbee? Another trick is to get a dog and walk it around the neighborhood yourself. Studies show that having a pet is beneficial to your health in other ways. According to them petting a dog has been found to help relieve stress and improve relaxation.

In the office, make exercise and fitness a part of your routine by using the phone less and walking to the desks of people that you work with. It will burn calories and wake you up. Visiting your colleagues at their workstations instead of calling or emailing them is more personal and will enhance your relationships with them. Your requests will also be deemed more urgent if presented this way, rather than by phone, and your colleagues will be more likely to take your request seriously and act on it.

The most important thing you have to remember about exercise and fitness is to make it a part of your life, wherever you are. Even if you are stuck in the office working over time or at home with your family, there are ways to remain active and burn those calories. Integrating these activities into your daily routine will enrich your life and make it more fun and interesting. More importantly, you would be taking care of yourself, just as well as you are taking care of your office tasks and the people close to you.


Source by Kris Bickell

Nov 2, 2019


Tough Girls Guide To Surviving In A Boxing Gym


The first time that I walked into a gym that devoted to boxing, I put on a game face and swaggered up to an older man who I thought was the coach. I had been told by the field house staff that the coach preferred to talk to people who were interested in the program before they signed up. Much later, I learned why.

The older man indicated in his broken English that he was not the coach. He pointed to a younger man who walked in and eyed me suspiciously before taking a seat at his desk. The younger man told me that he ran a traditional gym, and was not in the habit of babysitting anyone. In other words, people were expected to work while they were there. Fortunately, I had been in a martial arts school the year before, and had taken a boxing class. The boxing instructor at the martial arts school there was a nice guy once you got to know him, but he was tough. He often put people in to spar early on. I told the young coach before me that I understood, and I would be signing up. He still gave me a dubious look, but gave me the okay.

During the first year or so that I was at that gym, I was the only woman in attendance. Slowly, other women joined, but they didn't last long. Some left in the middle of a session, and some were gone after a couple of weeks. Very few actually stayed for the whole eight weeks, and of those who did, seldom did any sign up for another session. It's not that some of the guys who came in weren't dropping out but it was just that the women's absences usually happened faster.

Women have boxed for a long time. There was a woman who stepped into a boxing ring back in 1772. It's only in the 20th century – and late in that century – that female boxers were considered to be contenders who could draw people into arenas. Women still have a long way to go in the sport, however. Pick up any popular boxing magazine, and you'll see that very little ink is given to female boxers. Not even the more well known boxers like Laila Ali, Christy Martin and Ann Wolfe get more than a few words, let alone sentences.

It also doesn't help that there is not a clear career path for women fighters to follow. Males can come up through the amateur ranks, learning their moves by way of local boxing tournaments, charity boxing shows (or "show" fights), and the Golden Gloves. But it is not the same for women, many of whom start in the sport later, while in their teens and twenties, while most boys started formal training around age eight. Opponents for males are practically falling off ring aprons, while females find themselves hunting, sometimes fruitlessly, for other females who want to fight.

If a woman walks into a traditional boxing gym, then she must prove that she is there for a purpose. It doesn't matter if she wants to compete or is just there for the workout. The world of boxing is still predominately male, and the girly-girl stuff is not going to work – at least while she's inside the gym, anyway.

Do not come in expecting personal treatment unless you have paid for it beforehand. In a traditional boxing gym, the fee you pay – whether you pay it monthly, quarterly or yearly – only entitles you to come in and use the facilities to workout. That's it. Some gyms offer group boxing lessons, and most have trainers that will work with you one-on-one, but those things cost extra. Keep in mind that you are not at an exercise gym with a juice bar and sauna rooms.

If you sign up for a boxing program that is offered through a park district, expect even less special treatment. Park district programs are for the public, with a majority of classes geared towards kids and teens. Even the adult boxing programs may be designed for those in their late teens to mid-twenties. Park districts in major cities especially, may be competitive and participate in local and national amateur tournaments. Unless you are interested in competing, and you're in an age bracket where you'll be able to find opponents, don't get an attitude when the park district coach spends most of the time training the gym's contenders. The contenders are in a position to bring trophies to the gym. Plus, the coach already knows they are dedicated to the sport.

Learn from everyone in the gym. Regardless if it is a private gym or a program within a park district or a gym known …

Nov 1, 2019


Best Home Gym Equipment – What You Need to Build the Best Home Gym


Is it really possible find the best home gym equipment?

When we are talking about building the best home gyms we are also referring to find the right exercise equipment. That to me is more important than where do I place the mirrors or what kind of flooring do I use.

In this article you will find tips that will help you in building or in finding the best home gym equipment. It does not take a lot of luck, it just takes a little bit of research and some good old-fashioned work.

Focus on Equipment That Works

There are many options when it comes to a home gym one of the considerations is how much room you have. And what is your budget. If you can spend up to $ 2000 and pretty much you can purchase any of the gyms available on TV such as Bowflex, Total Gym, Bio Force TNT, Crossbow etc.

Sometimes just a simple weight bench and free weights is enough however, you must remember to take safety into consideration. It's going to be difficult to workout at home and do a bench press with no one there to spot you.

So you may want to throw a Smith machine or power rack into the equation if you plan on using free weights

What Are Your Fitness Goals

If you are looking to build a "bodybuilder" type of body then you're going to need more than just a set of free weights. If you're looking to get leaner, stronger, and have a ripped six pack abs then you will need to purchase the best home gym equipment. Below are just a few:

* Resistance Bands

* Isometric Exerciser or Isometric Exercise Equipment

* Adjustable Dumbbells

* A Used Bowflex or Total Gym Or Other Home Gym

* Select the Correct Room in Your Home or Apartment

Whatever room you choose as your home gym make sure that there is at least 10 feet of headroom and that it has plenty of good ventilation. If you can afford it, pick up a small fan as well. Plenty of daylight will also help to keep the room bright and cheerful.

In addition, if your budget allows it pickup some self-adhesive mirrors at Home Depot or a similar retail store. Be able to see yourself performing the exercise – using correct posture and form – will also go a long way towards keeping you motivated and injury free.

Finding the best home gym equipment is not that difficult – it just takes some research and common sense!


Source by Frank Sherrill

Oct 31, 2019


The Easy Gym


When you have a membership to a gym, there are endless options for getting an awesome workout in. We all know many of these options, but do we all workout with a purpose when we go to the gym or do we just talk, workout easy, or sit in the steam room the whole time? I really want you to think about the answer to the following question. When you go to the gym, do you workout your mouth more than your body?

As I ask the question I laugh to myself, because a lot of people come to the gym and talk more than they actually workout. These people tend to sit on equipment and use it as a chair instead of using it as a piece of exercise equipment like it is suppose to be used for. As these people sit on the equipment, someone is waiting patiently to use that same piece of equipment so they can finish their workout to either get to work, get back to work, or get home. Weight equipment is meant to improve your fitness and health, not flatten your butt.

There are also people that talk a lot. If you are one of the chatty Kathy’s, I challenge you to challenge your fellow chatters to something new. This also goes for anyone who goes to the gym and is really not pushing themselves. You know who you are, you sit on a weight machine and select the weight. The weight is something you could do one-hundred reps with, but you do one set of 10 reps. Next time try more weight, weight that becomes challenging the last few reps, and maybe you do not even get the final rep. This same type of person you will find in the cardio room pedaling on a rehab bike, going slower than a turtle, and reading a book.

Here are a few tips to increase the intensity of your workouts. If you are lifting weights, you can try to shorten your rest period between sets, add jumping jacks between sets, do supersets, or do your last set of each exercise to failure. If you are doing cardio that day, why not try interval training. It can be running 30 second intervals or running up a hill and jogging back down only to turn around at the bottom and do it all over again!

Today I challenge you to do something new, something hard, and make results to improve your health and lifestyle.


Source by Robert J Martin

Oct 30, 2019


Homage to A Home Gym


Paying for a “traditional” gym is expensive and time consuming in terms of driving time and gas; In terms of waiting in line for machine; In terms of monthly dues; And getting jerked around by shady employees! People sign up for gyms with good intentions, but they never go! An hour and a half or even two hours is the typical amount of time you need to drive to the gym, wait for the equipment, do the exercises, and drive home. Not to mention take a shower!

However, with a home gym, it’s always there, ready to use and always open. When it’s there, you’ll use it. Plus, you get all the exercises you’d find at a regular gym and more with a home gym! Now, it’s no secret you’re not in the best shape of your life, but a home gym can change that! And in just 6 short weeks, guaranteed! Just take a look at these specs…

  • Over 65 exercises!
  • 210 pounds of Resistance
  • Lat tower with angled lat bar
  • Upper & lower pulley/squat station
  • Leg extension/leg curl attachment
  • Compact size for smaller workout spaces
  • Triple function hand-grip/ankle cuffs
  • Multiple cable positions for custom workouts
  • Reinforced “X”-shaped base for maximum stability
  • 6-week Fitness Results Guaranteed!
  • 7-year limited warranty on materials and workmanship

If you are over 30 years old and are not strength training, you are burning up to 700 fewer calories each month! And let’s face it, you’re not getting any younger. But with a home gym, men lost an average of 27.95 pounds of fat in only 6 weeks! These people didn’t workout every day either. They worked out three times a week for only about 20-30 minutes.

Let’s Recap…

  • Spare yourself the irritation of putting up with beef-headed fools and gym personnel
  • Lose that “excess baggage”
  • Exercise without worrying about lines
  • Work out conveniently in the comfort of your own home
  • Increase the value of your home to potential tenants

So that’s it, it’s up to you now. You’ve seen the benefits a home gym has to offer, even the experimental data! Now it’s your turn to see results for yourself! Make Money Online Now!


Source by Aaron Moncur