Home Gyms – Advantages And Disadvantages

Oct 12, 2019


Home Gyms – Advantages And Disadvantages


When the winter season is over and you are fully stuffed on the turkey and other junk food, you will feel a sudden urge to exercise and get yourself fit again. You may have a long term goal such as getting yourself into an outfit for the summer holidays. Or you just want to look good. But whatever reason you choose to look good you will need to exercise properly. One sure fire way of getting yourself to look good is with a home gym.

There are many advantages to owning a home gym. But with advantages there are always going to be disadvantages. Through this article I'm going to explain both the advantages and disadvantages of owning your very own home gym.

The advantages of owning a home gym are numerous. There is of course the fact that if you are new to the exercising world then you might not feel comfortable going down to your local gym. Where there are bound to be people flexing their muscles and genuinely looking really good. You might find that the privacy of your own home will be better suited to you. Also in your own home you may find that you are more comfortable starting off on the lower weights. If you are using weights then you have to remember to start off low and not over reach. You will get to the heaver weights but you must start off slowly first of all.

Another advantage of owning a home gym is that you can choose the right equipment for it. If you feel that your legs are in more need of a work out, then you can buy equipment that is better suited to working out your legs and lower body. Or if your upper body needs more attention then your lower body, then you can buy the equipment that will exercise your upper body. Of course there is the option of mixing and matching. That means that you can purchase equipment that will exercise your entire body but use it within reason.

But of course as stated there will be disadvantages when owning your home gym. One disadvantage is the price of a home gym. The price is never cheap for a home gym, especially if you want to get started right away. You could be spending easily in the region of $ 1000. That is not petty cash. There are people that have paid double that for their home gym, so learn to shop around for the best price before making any decision on a purchase.

Another disadvantage when owning a home gym is the space required. A home gym can take up a lot of space in the home and you have to make sure that you have the right amount of space for your desired gym. Some gyms require space of about 3 meters on each side. So you have to make sure that the gym you choose will be able to fit nicely into the room that you desire.

Overall owning a gym is a good purchase to make, especially if you do want to work out and tone up your body. If you can afford a gym then the purchase could be necessary. If however you do not have the space and / or the money then sign up for a gym. Where you can then maybe get some advice from the staff about where to start on your exercise regime.


Source by Andy Eaton