Finding The Right Parrot Play Gym

Oct 17, 2019


Finding The Right Parrot Play Gym


You may or may not have heard of parrot play gyms, but in case you don't know they are a climbing apparatus constructed in such a way that parrots can climb and play on to keep them exercise and interested. These set ups allow them to use their natural physical behaviors outside the confines of their cage.

In the wild parrots tend to spend a lot of time perched on trees and playfully jumping from branch to branch, rather than flying around and this is why the use of a play gym is so beneficial to a parrot.

Why your pet parrot needs this piece of equipment

Every parrot whether large or small requires a something to climb on and have fun with at some point of time. They're happy with their cages and swings while they're very young, but as they grow older, their urge to hop and play in places outside their cages becomes apparent. Parrot play gyms are suitable for having outside the cage and essential for the healthy all round growth of all kinds of parrots.

Good play gyms let parrots enjoy a fair amount of freedom outside their cages. They're the perfect solution to the problem of keeping parrots occupied when they're out of their cages. A well equipped gym ensures that your parrot doesn't try to fly out of the window as soon as you open his cage. This is because all your parrot ever wants from the outdoors is already right there in front of him.

The best parrot play gyms:

– Come with various toys and perches to suite the size of your particular parrot pet
– Are made of washable wood with no varnish or stain
– Are resistant to chewing or have chew toys on them
– Are designed with interesting styles to keep your parrot well occupied
– Have safe layouts to reduce risk of injury

What you need to know

This equipment should be bought to suit the size of the parrot that will eventually use it. For example, if you have a Parakeet and a Macaw, there is no way that a single parrot play gym will suit both of them. Macaws require larger and sturdier play gyms, with a larger diameter of perch and they also need something available for them to chew on because they tend to chew a lot and forcefully at that.

Smaller parakeets on the other hand will find themselves at ease on much smaller equipment with toys and perches that are suitable to their size. A parakeet would find it very difficult to hold on to a perch that is the right size for a Macaw. Therefore, the size of your parrot donates the size of the play gym that you should buy for your parrot.

It makes sense to never screw the gym on to the floor. Play gyms tend to get messed up over time and it's easier to clean them when they're not fixed tight to the floor. It is best to set it in a solid square of timber as a base.

If you manage to find a play gym that suits your parrot and has all the above attributes, you can rest assured that your parrot will be kept happy climbing and swinging on its apparatus.


Source by Kaye Dennan