Choosing the Best Lubricant for Menopause Dryness: All You Need to Know

Apr 8, 2020


Choosing the Best Lubricant for Menopause Dryness: All You Need to Know

Choosing the Best Lubricant for Menopause Dryness: All You Need to Know

Not all menopausal women know that choosing intimate lubes during sexual intercourse can make their life significantly easier and restore the joy of sex. They do not consider this necessary and are very mistaken. In recent years, the direct benefits of this remedy for menopausal women have been proven. The best lubricant for menopause can be found in various stores and pharmacies. Hence there are several reasons for such popularity of the product. Doctors recommend that women in the climacteric use the best lubricant for sex after menopause to:

Choosing the Best Lubricant for Menopause Dryness: All You Need to Know

  • lessen vaginal dryness;
  • avoid the risk of microtrauma during sexual contact;
  • create a protective film on the mucous tissues;
  • improve the quality of sexual intercourse;
  • have additional protection against unwanted pregnancy.

Lubes are available in various forms. You can buy gel, cream or oil. All of these preparations are made on a silicone, water or oil basis. These basic substances are necessary to reduce friction during sex. Friction reduction is provided by increased slip. When sliding, the skin of the genitals can not be damaged. For this reason, the best lubricant for menopause dryness is used to reduce the risk of microtrauma during contact.

Composition of the Best Lubricant for Menopause Dryness

In some products, spermicidal components are used. Spermicides have a detrimental effect on male sperm cells. If a couple has sex without a condom or if it has been damaged, pregnancy may not occur when sperm comes into contact with such a substance.

Other additives are often added to intimate gels. Supplements serve as an enhancer of sensations during intercourse or contribute to prolonged contact. To increase the sensations, hence warming mixtures are used. Prolongation is caused by anesthetics. The best natural lubricant for menopause dryness contains flavors that cause an additional pleasant experience.

Properties of the Best Sexual Lubricant for Menopause Dryness

The main objective of the best personal lubricant for menopause is to moisturize the vagina and preserve the mucous membrane. They are prescribed as part of complex therapy in the menopause. Indication for use is a woman’s complaint of dryness, itching and burning in the perineum. Hence the action of a lube depends on its composition.

The most common properties for all types of menopause lubes are, they:

  • increase blood flow to the genitals, which enhances sensitivity and awakens sex drive.
  • soften the mucous membrane of the vagina, hence “enveloping” it with a protective layer.
  • accelerate the regeneration processes during the formation of microcracks caused by drying of the mucous membrane.
  • eliminate the unpleasant sensations that develop with active walking or running.
  • contribute to the normalization of the vaginal microflora, without causing vaginal dysbiosis.
  • can be used both daily and during intercourse. The choice of the best lubricant for intercourse after menopause depends on the individual characteristics of the mucous membrane of the woman’s vagina.

Among the great variety of good lubricants, one should not rely only on beautiful packaging when choosing a product. Do not neglect a detailed examination and consultation with a doctor. He will help make the right choice.

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