3 Golden Rules of Gun Safety

Jul 7, 2021


3 Golden Rules of Gun Safety

Firearms are thought to be one of the most effective means of self-defense in the modern world, but they’re also a major responsibility. Before you start shopping around for a Sig fire control unit, take a look at these three basic rules of gun safety.

3 Golden Rules of Gun Safety

Use Proper Barrel Etiquette

The next time you carry your gun, imagine a red laser beam is coming out of the barrel (not unlike a laser sight). Anything that laser touches can potentially be hit if your gun is accidentally fired. With this in mind, practice good barrel etiquette — always keep the barrel pointed downward and away from other people, animals and anything else of importance. Also, don’t ever point the gun at yourself for any reason. The only time you should be aiming is when you’re absolutely certain that you’re ready to fire.

Keep the Safety On

Virtually every gun on the market today comes equipped with some sort of safety features to help prevent accidental firing. For most firearms, you’ll find a switch or button somewhere along the slide or barrel; these safety locks are usually marked with a color (like bright red) or some other way to indicate when the gun is unable to fire. Unless you’re completely confident that you need to fire, keep the safety on at all times.

Always Imagine the Gun Is Loaded

Regardless of whether or not your gun is racked or loaded, pretend like it is. This mindset will help further instill good barrel etiquette and safe habits, which massively reduces the possibility of misfiring or other gun-related accidents. Even if there’s no clip in your gun, treat it as though there is.

Gun safety is critically important, so be smart any time you use or carry a firearm. Remember: 100% of gun-related injuries and deaths are preventable.

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