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Guide to Treatments Offered in a Drug Rehab Center

When one enters a drug rehab centers, they will be offering different treatments depending on your need. Most rehab starts with detoxification and go from there. There are some addicts who would be given medications to help them as they go through different forms of treatment. Other forms of treatment include counseling and behavioral therapy. Rehab center personnel have undergone rehab training and this determines the type of treatment that they offer to patients and the facilities that they have. Handling a drug rehab facility is not really easy since each addict has his own treatment regimen that will suit his specific case. Treatment is based on what each patient needs, whether they are all addicted to the same substance of not.

The first step to any drug recovery program is the detoxification stage. In this stage the body is cleansed from all the toxins that it has accumulated from their addiction to drugs or to whatever substance they have been addicted to. During detox stage, most addicts experience withdrawals. When a person experiences withdrawal symptoms, he is in a terrible state where the possibility of relapsing is very high. There are instances when the withdrawal stage is fatal. There is a close monitoring of patients undergoing detoxification because of this risk. When an addict is really having a difficult time with detox, he is usually given medication to help him go through it. Detox ca n take 3 weeks or longer. This is crucial since success in detox means moving forward in rehab but failure can mean relapsing into addiction. The deciding factor in the success of the detox stage is the individual’s determination and commitment to overcome addiction.

An individual will be assessed after detoxification. The assessment will not really be easy. After detox, some addicts will have to undergo other treatments. We have mentioned that there are physical and psychological aspects to drug abuse, so if the person has been completely detoxified, then the psychological aspects have then to be dealt with. It is important to address both physical and psychological issues so that the patient is prevented from relapsing.

The rehab center uses group therapy and individual counseling in order to treat psychological illnesses. There are also prescription medications that can help cure these illnesses. With behavioral therapy, addicts are counseled dealing with their psychological issues. This is because drug addicts take drugs in a certain setting or time of the day. Realizing that this habit can be broken without taking drugs is what behavioral therapists aims to instill in the addict’s mind.

Every addict in the rehab center has different treatment settings and lengths of time spent in the center. Sometimes these rehab centers also provide hospital lever care since there are many patients have difficulty going through their withdrawal stage and dealing with their withdrawal symptoms.

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